How to clean dirty bathtub effortlessly

Discover the most effective tricks to remove dirt from a bathtub naturally, easily, and quickly. You will only need very basic ingredients that you surely have at home.

We know that cleaning the home requires some effort and perseverance, but there are suitable methods and products to do it without wasting too much time. And it is that all the rooms of the house must be very clean for our health and hygiene, especially the kitchen and the bathroom.

For example, cleaning a bathtub may seem complicated, but it is essential to do it properly to avoid the proliferation of germs. To find out how to clean a very dirty bathtub, keep reading this article. We show you the most efficient products to achieve it successfully.

Tricks to clean a bathtub
We bring you these practical home remedies to clean and keep your beloved bathtub spotless. These are simple tricks that you can do yourself. You only need certain ingredients or products that you can easily find in the supermarket. Or that, even, you already have at home.

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  1. Baking soda
    The bicarbonate will help you keep your bathtub white while helping to eliminate stains of all kinds, be they lime, soap, saltpeter … And if you cannot remove them completely, at least it will attenuate them enough to be able to skip them with another product. stronger. Apply it by following these steps:

Spread the baking soda around the bathtub, especially on the rust-stained areas.
Next, add vinegar all over the surface.
Wait about half an hour for both products to penetrate well into the stains and you can get the desired effect.
Afterward, scrub the surface with a sponge or brush, emphasizing the stained areas.
Finally, rinse the bathtub with plenty of water and you will see how you get a white bathtub with little effort.

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar is another of the most used products for cleaning the home. To clean a bathtub with it, follow these steps:

To start, mix the same amount of white vinegar as warm water and pour this mixture into a spray bottle.
Shake the container well to finish preparing the solution.
Then, spray the bathtub with this mixture on the areas with encrusted dirt. Let it work for 15 minutes before continuing to clean.
Using a sponge, a microfiber cloth, or a brush, rub the areas where you have sprayed with the solution.
To finish, rinse the entire surface with water and repeat the process if you consider it necessary. For an all-white bathtub, pack some baking soda into the container.

  1. Neutral soap
    Neutral soap is another alternative for cleaning the home, it is also one of the simplest products to use and it is very effective. Follow these steps to get a flawless bathtub:

Mix mild soap with warm water in a container, but there must be more water than soap.
Dampen a sponge or brush in this mixture and rub over the surface. Focus on the dirtiest areas, but clean every corner.
Rinse thoroughly and you will get a shiny white bathtub. In case there is very encrusted dirt and remains, try a more powerful method.

  1. Salfumán
    Another very useful product to clean a bathtub, if applied correctly, is strong water or salfumán. Use it by following these tips:

To start, add a glass of water to a plastic container.
Next, add two centimeters of salfumán.
Stir the mixture and wet a brush to apply it to the surface.
Wait a few seconds for it to work and rinse the bathtub with plenty of water while scrubbing with a brush. And remember, the amount of strong water must be indicated so as not to damage the enamel of the bathtub.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide
    Hydrogen peroxide is also a product widely used in household cleaning, and to clean a yellow bathtub it is one of the most effective resources. You just have to follow these simple steps:

First, spray the hydrogen peroxide on the stained areas.
Wait about 30 minutes for it to work well.
After this time, rinse the white bathtub with warm water to remove the remains. You will see how it is clean and shiny.
If you still see stains, you can repeat the procedure by rubbing with a scouring pad or using another stronger product.

  1. Citric acid
    Another option to clean a bathtub is citric acid, a product widely used also in home cleaning. To use it correctly, follow these instructions:

First, pour an envelope of citric acid powder into a full glass of water.
Stir very well before applying the mixture.
Next, moisten a sponge in this mixture and rub it on the stains in the bathtub.
Wait around 20 minutes to get the desired effect.
Finally, rinse with plenty of warm water so that you have a clean white bathtub.

  1. Salt
    Salt combined with vinegar is also a very effective remedy for cleaning the home, and in the bathroom, it will help us to remove tartar from the bathtub. With the application of this method periodically in the dirtiest areas, you will notice an incredible improvement and you will prevent the accumulation of dirt. Follow this process:

Mix salt and water, with more salt than water. For best results, you can use salt and vinegar instead of water, with more salt than vinegar.
Apply the mixture as in the previous cases: rub the surface with this solution using a brush or a sponge and use it a few minutes for it to take effect.
Afterward, rinse with water to remove any remaining dirt.
These methods are not only effective in removing built-up scale, but in cleaning a bathtub of lime stains and preventing it from building up. They also serve to clean mold stains and prevent their appearance. Don’t wait any longer to try them!

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